John P. Lozito, CFO, Academy of Management, named 2013 Nonprofit CFO Rising Star of the Year


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Bethesda, Md. - John P. Lozito, CFO, Academy of Management, has been named the 2013 Nonprofit CFO Rising Star of the Year. He will be honored at the 2013 Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon, January 31 at The Capital Hilton in Washington DC.

Mr. Lozito certainly handled a number of roles typical of CFO's. For instance, he was instrumental in guiding his board though financial planning to advance the association's mission and secure its finances for future generations. In situations where projects were too financially complex - like dues for developing nations - he helped by using sophisticated modeling,” said Chief Judge of the CFO of the Year Awards and CPA President of LangCPA Consulting LLC, Andrew S. Lang.


But he also went further than the basics. In situations in which the organization was relying on ad hoc pricing practices, he was able to develop a new pricing architecture. Mr. Lozito also led the academy's first effort to pursue grants for developing capabilities of scholars in Africa where the need for local research and management practice is great. Obviously Mr. Lozito went far beyond the role of the typical CFO in winning this year's Rising Star Award.”

As the Academy of Management’s head of finance, John is responsible for the association’s overall financial management, including annual planning, investment strategy, business analysis, and accounting functions. As a member of the leadership team, John has spearheaded initiatives to enrich the Academy’s business discipline, optimize and streamline its investment portfolio, fiscally prepare for strategic spending initiatives, and diversify its financial algorithm. John directly supports the Executive Director, helping guide the Academy in a rapidly changing environment. John’s professional interests include strategic planning, pricing architecture, marketplace intelligence, and advanced analytics.

Prior to working at the Academy, John spent over a decade in various leadership positions at PepsiCo. As Director of Business Transformation, he co-led the project management office tasked with overseeing efficiency initiatives related to a multi-billion dollar acquisition. During his tenure, John also led competitive and economic research efforts, helped modernize pricing schematics, and stewarded $350 million in advertising and marketing investment. Prior to working at PepsiCo, John was as an investment banker in PaineWebber’s Mergers and Acquisitions group.

Personally, John is passionate about American history, especially the repatriation of missing World War II servicemen. He has participated in recovery missions in Europe, including ongoing attempts to locate his own uncle who was lost during the war. John shares this experience by teaching seminars to local historical societies.

The son of New York City educators, John holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Financial Economics from Fordham University, as well as a master’s in Public Administration from Pace University. John and his wife, Cristina, live in Westchester County, New York, with their rescued racing greyhound, Cornwallis.

The 2013 Nonprofit CFO of the Year will be honored at the Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards Luncheon, January 31 at the Capital Hilton in Washington DC. Also to be honored are the 2013 Nonprofit CFO of the Year, and Nonprofit CFO Transformational Leader. For more information visit

About the Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards: Each year the CFO Awards recognize the often unsung leadership role CFOs have in the important works nonprofits do, working generally behind the scene as a key supporter of the executive director, to keep the organization moving forward. The program is hosted in joint partnership with Association TRENDS, Tate & Tryon and West, Lane & Schlager Realty Advisors.