Lobbyists.info is the leading provider of data on the federal lobbying and government relations community. We provide in-depth profiles on 18,000 lobbyists, 2,400 lobbying firms, 12,000 organizations employing lobbyists plus profiles of all members of Congress and 10,000+ congressional staffers. Lobbyists.info trains thousands of lobbyists each year in areas of compliance and advocacy through webinars, live training and Compliance Handbooks. Lobbyists.info is also home to the Lobby Jobs and publisher of Washington Representatives and the National Directory of Corporate Public Affairs.
The Original US Congress Handbook
The spiral-bound, pocket sized Handbook, published since 1974, is the most trusted and respected resource for Member profiles and contact information. The Handbook specializes in providing associations, corporations and advocacy groups with fully customized handbooks for their advocacy needs.
The Almanac of American Politics
The Almanac of American Politics is the gold standard of accessible political information, relied on by everyone involved, invested or interested in politics in America. Highly regarded for its in-depth analysis and comprehensive profiles of every congressional district, state, governor and member of Congress, The Almanac is the tool you need to better understand the context of the people and perspectives shaping the issues that matter to you.
Advocacy Day Assistant App
The fully-customizable smartphone app allows association and corporate government relations staff to schedule, coordinate and update Hill meetings with ease. Each advocate receives a custom schedule and in-depth detail on Members and their meetings that can be updated throughout the fly-in. Fly-in planners can upload talking points, communicate with advocates and get real-time feedback throughout a fly-in. Each app is also customized with the user organization’s branding.