Association TRENDS Celebrates 2,000th Issue

Contact: Brittany Carter
Phone: (240) 235-0277

Bethesda, Md.-  Association TRENDS, the longtime independent voice in the association community, has hit a milestone: our 2,000th issue.

“It’s a great milestone. TRENDS has spanned four decades and survived three national economic downturns and a technology evolution that is continually changing the way people consume their news. That was enough to put a lot of publications out of business, but we're still here, and growing." TRENDS president Joel Poznansky said.

"The recipe for our continued success is not a closely guarded secret: We report on 'trends' and pertinent news, always have, always will. That is something the association community will always have a market for and can depend on us to deliver," longtime managing editor Ed Dalere said.

The first issue of Association TRENDS was published in 1973 as a way for founder Frank Martineau, APR, CAE, to share information among association clients of the Martineau Corp. Demand quickly dictated that Frank make Association TRENDS publicly available. After his untimely death in 1990, Frank's daughter and TRENDS co-founder Jill Martineau Cornish, IOM, took over and grew the company. In April 2004, the first electronic issue of TRENDS appeared.

As a result of an acquisition by Columbia Books & Information Services in 2009, today Association TRENDS continues to provide seriously useful news and information to the association community through an expanded brand that includes an award-winning monthly publication, a weekly e-newsletter, a robust Web and social presence, educational webinars, industry reports, monthly specialty newsletters and an executive-level breakfast series. The TRENDS honors have grown to become the most sought-after in the association community, including the national Association Executive of the Year, Association Partner of the Year, the Young & Aspiring Association Professionals and Leading Association Lobbyists, as well as the All Media Contest Winners – all honored at the prestigious annual TRENDS Salute to Association Excellence. Association TRENDS is also the media and presenting sponsor of the annual Nonprofit CFO of the Year Awards.

“TRENDS would not be here today if the association community did not support us. With great humility we thank all of our supporters, subscribers, contributors, advisers, advertisers and partners throughout the years. With that kind of generous support, we look forward to the next 2,000 issues,” Dalere said.

A celebration commemorating Association TRENDS' 2,000th issue will take place on June 9 at the National Restaurant Association in Washington. Limited space is available for the media. Please contact Brittany Carter ( for press credentials.