Association TRENDS releases guide to gauging lobbying firms

Brittany Carter


Bethesda, MD (October 20, 2014) –  Association TRENDS is set to release the 2014 Factors of Influence this month to help better measure lobbying firm effectiveness. 

The report performs an annual analysis of government affairs firms on 12 "factors of influence" believed to contribute to a firm's overall level of influence. 

The TRENDS 2014 Factors of Influence includes the following data from the extensive political database at

  • Total income, total number of employees, and total number of active clients for each firm.
  • Concentration of highly paid personnel in a firm's population of employees, or the ratio of the firm's income to its employees.
  • The firm's weighted average percent of clients' lobbying spending.
  • Comparison of past years in regards to: lobbying income and geographical location of lobbying work.

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