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Does Ray Ban have an outlet store in the US? If so, where is it located at?

2 Answers
Rian Schermerhorn
Rian Schermerhorn, Lived in US my whole life, paid attention in school, and am proud to be American
Cheap Ray Bans?  Your best bet is Costco.  They carry those and many other legit brands, like Maui Jim and Serenghetti, for less than $100 and are all polarized.  If you're not a member, you will have to pay at least $55 for that, but you'll still end up ahead and likely find lots more ways to save money there. 

NOTE: I don't work for Costco nor am I tied to them in any way. My brother-in-law does now work there but this was only after I'd been a customer (and bought sunglasses there) for a long time.
David Micklewhyte
David Micklewhyte, Corporate Pilot, Entrepreneur.
Store Locator | Ray-Ban Official Site  - USA This should make your search a lot easier.